Who should opt for the Kyoshi (Advanced) module

Students, either pursuing or passed out from Class XII who are looking for a
competitive edge in getting through IIT JEE (Advanced)

Transform conceptual understanding
into problem solving.

Lays a roadmap of important & vital
units to save you from wasting efforts
on unimportant topics.

Assesses various skills required to
boost your rank (parameterised on the
basis of historical data).

Skills are ordered by priority to help
devise a structured plan for

Practical & clearly outlined recommendations
to help improve weak skills.

Custom recommendations to
improve test-taking strategies
(based on assessment).


Kyoshi, through analysis of past exam patterns and performance data can predict the projected performance of the applicants for IIT JEE (advanced) for any year.

This projected performance is plotted as the curve in the adjacent graph. The green zone falls beyond the IIT JEE cut-off & any student whose scores fall in this area will have qualified for IIT


Assessment of your subject knowledge in units that are important from Kyoshi (Advanced) standpoint. Accurate analysis of both good and poor understanding to help you prioritize your study effort and create a focused preparation plan. Personalized recommendations to get the maximum benefit in the shortest possible time

Based on our analysis of IIT-JEE test papers and the performance of students who take the IIT- JEE tests every year, Kyoshi Expert Panel has created a list of Vital and Important units that IIT-JEE aspirants should focus on for 2016.

Kyoshi reports also highlights the units in which you had conceptual clarity but still could not score. Kyoshi identifies potential reasons for the studen’ts inability to answer correctly


Assessment of your essential skills that are required to perform well in Kyoshi (Advanced) Benchmarking of skills to those required to make the
cut-off AND to achieve your targeted rank. Insights on your strong skills and recommendations to improve your weak skills


Assessment of your ability to identify questions correctly which is very important for optimal application of effort in an examination like IIT-JEE

Accurate assessment of units where your understanding is good and more marks can be scored at your current preparation level


Know more about the Kyoshi (Advanced) test format

Single Test Paper of 3 Hours duration

Computer Based Test that can be taken using a browser and Internet connection

Multiple choice questions identical to JEE (Advanced) test paper format

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