Bring up class average & help students better their concept clarity & exam skils

Why opt for Kyoshi?

Unlike other tests which let students know only their score, Kyoshi focuses on
skills required for each topic or concept.


Students have taken the test


Experts work on each question


Questions are developed & filtered for each test

School Summary Report

Each school will receive a summary report of their own school. This includes overall score summary of school including how many students from each class participated and Class level & Subject level score summary for school. This report will help Principal and teachers to understand progress of their school as whole and progress of each class in each subject.


How Kyoshi helps students

Not just a score,
but a detailed analysis of topic-wise
conceptual understading

DUA tests the skill level
(both knowledge & test-taking)
required for high score

DUA modifies teaching
approach for each student to
help overcome scoring gaps

How Kyoshi helps schools

Kyoshi designs a custom
plan based on the syllabus / unit
plan set by teachers

Class average & national standing
of schools’ students

Parameterizing students’
scores against school’s
passing marks

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