Although teaching methodologies can impart great knowledge, they cannot impart skills.

Not until there is a clear diagnosis of what is missing.

Unlike other tests which let students know only their score, Kyoshi focuses on
skills required for each topic or concept.


students appear for IIT JEE


qualify for JEE Advanced

1Only 1 %

make it to IITs & ISMs

Kyoshi Main & Kyoshi Advanced

Kyoshi Assessments are created by a top-notch team of teachers, academicians, statisticians and analysts after a diligent scientific process. To help reach the desired skill level in these entrances. The insights offered to every student are individualised. Our reports contain actionable
recommendations target knowledge gaps, flawed test taking practices and missed scoring opportunities.

Kyoshi Diagnostic Unit Assessment

Kyoshi Diagnostic Unit Assessment It helps you to understand the relationship of each concept with other concepts or chapters. These chapters could be from past learnings or upcoming lessons. Each correct & incorrect answer extracts the exact level of understanding in each topic & related topics.


How Kyoshi helps students

Get your own
individualized strategy to
crack IIT JETT

Mapping of students skills
to those required for

Identifying weak & strong
areas & missed scoring

How Kyoshi helps coaching centers

Identifies weak areas
for each student to provide
one-to-one attention

Shows the standing of your
students to the projected performance
of students nationally

Maximize your studdents’
scoring capabilities with
clearly defined plan of action

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